Recipe for 36 pieces

1,000 g vegan&moi
2,000 g water (cold)
1,800 g pasta dough
6 onions (in brunoise)
3 l vegetable broth
some flour for dusting
about 100 g egg yolk substitute (vegan) or just water

To prepare in advance:
Vegetable broth with various vegetables as soup garnish.

Mix onions with the vegan&moi mix. Add water to the mixture and stir well directly until the powder is completely dissolved. Allow to swell for at least 15 minutes. Roll out the pasta dough. Use a piping bag to squirt the filling lengthwise onto the lower part of the dough (2 strips about 2 cm thick) and spread lightly so that the mixture covers about . of the surface. Coat the upper part of the dough with egg yolk substitute or water. Now roll up the pasta dough evenly and loosely from the bottom to the top. Dust the so formed roll with a little flour. With the handle of a wooden spoon divide the size of the dumplings by pressing them down. Then cut the dumplings with a knife. Put them into boiling vegetable broth and simmer for 10-12 minutes at low heat. Serve in the already prepared vegetable broth with vegetable garnish.

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