vegan&moi International

vegan&moi is a brand of Koordination Krafticus GmbH. Located in Lisdorf, a district of the cosy small town of Saarlouis, our sales area extends from Germany to the whole world. In October 2013, our independent branch opened in nearby France. From Thal-Drulingen in Alsace, the entire French market is served according to its special needs. Contacts in the USA, Canada and Brazil ensure the company’s long-term presence on these international markets. The nearby Benelux region also plays an important role in RIETMANN’s international sales activities. RIETMANN has also been strongly represented in the Middle East for many years.

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Krafticus Germany
Koordination Krafticus GmbH
Grostrowstraße 1
66740 Saarlouis-Lisdorf
+49 6831 937 222

Rietmann France
Zone d’activités d’Alsace Bossue
3, rue de l’industrie
67320 Thal Drulingen
+33 9 72 44 16 87