Unser Fleischersatz zum Anrühren!
100% vegan
100% Vielfalt
100% Geschmack

100% vegan, 100% variety, 100% taste, with only one mix for meat substitutes!

Carefully selected, elaborated and delicately balanced ingredients: all this makes vegan&moi Mix a tasty experience with great bite and mouthfeel.


Burgers today, meatballs tomorrow, after that bolognese sauce? No problem. Here you have 1 mix for countless dishes, of which the basis for the classic preparation methods is „minced meat“. Of course, it is also possible to add herbs and spices as needed.

long storage life

As the mix has a long shelf life, it is perfect for buying ahead to keep in stock so that it can be mixed quickly and prepared freshly when needed.

Produced in advance

Burger patties, meatballs can be easily pre-produced and then be frozen. The products can be fried frozen!

Why a vegan product?

Facts & figures:

  • approx. 2 million Germans live strictly vegan
  • more than 3,5 million Germans live vegetarian
  • about 55% of the Germans follow a flexitarian diet

Trend: rising! Vegan products are no longer niche products.

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